Events Contract

Aunties Special Event Contract

Thank you for hosting your special event at Aunties.  It will be our pleasure to host you and make your experience memorable and professional.

Date and Time of Rental:    

Back patio of Aunties is reserved for this event.

Set up can begin at

Available Spaces

Spaces available for use are as follows:

Far back portion of the back patio- earliest start time of 4:00pm with food being ready at 4:30pm.

Side portion of back patio- earliest start time of 5:00pm with food being ready at 5:00pm.

Rental Fees

Rental fees are as follows:

$500 for the first 3 hours and $50 each additional hour.

Please check one of the following:


$75 if Aunties provides silverware/plates/glassware, etc.   ______

$0 if guest provide ALL silverware/plates/glassware, etc.  ______


You may bring your own food, hire an unaffiliated caterer or hire Aunties to provide your food.  If you hire an unaffiliated caterer who does not have a liquor license, Aunties must serve alcohol (see the section on Alcohol)

If using an unaffiliated caterer, caterer must provide proof of health department certification and, if applicable, a copy of their liquor license.

Alcohol Acquisition and Policies

Alcohol is permitted on the premises only if acquired by the party Lessee or by a caterer with a liquor license.

Alcohol may be served by the Lessee, the licensed caterer or Aunties staff.  If the Lessee is serving, the alcohol service area must be staffed at all times.  Guests may not self-serve.  Serving staff must insure that no persons under the age of 21 are served or consume alcohol.  


Total price for space rental:


Gratuity @ 18%:



Deduct deposit:

Total amount due at event:

Deposit: $200

Deposit guarantees that the space is held and is non-refundable. Guest count may be changed up to 72 hours before the event. If guest does not change count before the 72 hour deadline, guest will be charged for the count in this contract and food will be prepared according to the count in this contract.

We cannot make last minute changes to quantity either up or down.


Please sign below and initial all pages. Please scan all pages to or mail to Aunties LLC, 6506 Greenleaf Avenue, Whittier, CA 90601.


I agree to all terms of this Agreement:


Agreed to by: ________________________          Date: ___________


Print Name: ___________________________________


I authorize $200 to be held as a deposit for the event described in this contract.

Credit Card # ________________________________________

Name on Card:  ______________________________________

Expiration Date: ____________ CRV Code: ___ Zip Code: _____